Why is Spotify the Best Application For Streaming Music Online? 

 September 2, 2018

By  milad.streamfa

With internet service providers falling in line to offer great deals on data packages, popular music streaming apps are on their toes to take advantage of it. On the other hand, the consumers are overwhelmed by the unlimited access to data. Connectivity has now become a necessary protrusion of the modern man and having to live a day without internet connection seems almost impossible. Same can be said about the music industry and its growing market for online music streaming.

Music fanatics are always looking for services that deliver them uninterrupted music of their favorite genre. Several apps have made their stand in the online business and none of them seem to get the business model right. While other apps are struggling to meet customer needs, one seems to get it all right. If you guessed ‘Spotify’, then there is a good chance that you have it installed it your smartphone. Did we put a smirk on your face? Well, keep up with that and follow through this post to see why Spotify plays is the best application of streaming music online.

Play unlimited music wholeheartedly

Music plays an important role in everybody’s life these days. Whether it’s a workout playlist or simple study music, listening to a melody of a certain kind has showered us with good feelings and allowed us to do our jobs with utmost joy. Unlike the stone ages of the 90’s, music is now more accessible and flexible thanks to apps like Spotify. Spotify allows you a free option but comes with a catch. The free model is limited, add supported and shuffle the only option that you can utilize for a month. If that disappoints you, then try Spotify promotions. Buy Spotify plays by subscribing to the $9.99 a month basic plan and you can have unlimited access to the music inventory with only a flicker of your touch.

Affordable subscription plans

Most music fanatics would argue about the pricing and profit margins each application generate every month based on their subscription plans.  While most of the applications somewhat have a similar pricing structure, Spotify seems to have taken it a step ahead. Spotify offers a $9.99 plan for the all-access individual and $14.99 for the family plan connecting up to 6 people. If you’re broke as a joke and can’t afford the $10 or $15 plan, then Spotify allows buying Spotify plays for the college undergrad at $4.99 a month.

Will a paid subscription make any difference to music experience?

The fact of the matter is a free subscription will only last you for a month and has several restrictions in terms of streaming music online. Spending a couple of bucks to remove adverts and allow streaming of over 30 millions songs from the inventory looks like a favorable choice to make. Buying Spotify plays or Spotify promotions under paid subscriptions will allow you to maximize your reach towards the different genre of music.


Spotify has several functionalities that allow for a much better user interface. The Spotify algorithm recommends the right kind of music based on your ecosystem. If you are unhappy with the current playlist, you can always switch for the perfect one. Considering all the parameters, we speculate Spotify to reign the online music streaming business for coming years and more.


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