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Showcase your art to a mass network of audience on Spotify. We incredibly resourceful and here to help promote your music. Our mission: ensuring that your gifts are shared, known, and enjoyed by the world while we support and vigorously protect your interest at all times. 


Why Streamfa?

 Highlighted Reasons Why You Should Buy From Us


Grow Popularity

Streamfa offer high quality followers and plays for spotify which ensure that you get a great audience to start up your musical venture with.


Easy Order Process

We only need your profile URL. No need Passwords and Registrations. Just one click order process.


Discover New Users

We at Streamfa work to help artists promote their Spotify tracks and grow their followings. It’s the best way to grow your fans and get new and relevant users.


24/7 Customer Support

We don’t just end after sale, we strive to gain the clients confidence and trust even after sale. You can contact us anytime, if you have problems/queries.


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Let Us Protect Your Musical Legacy

Millions of priceless work of art get lost every year on platforms like Spotify regardless of their value, but merely, due to the never exhausting competitive nature of our world. But we have the technology to lead targeted wondering audience to hear your songs on Spotify. 

They Say

Peter Strauss

Electronic Music Producer

Great service and customer support! My client's monthly listener grew through Spotify Plays service! I'll make sure to keep working with Streamfa in the future.

Julia Stewart

Artist Manager

The most reliable music promotion platform in the online market! All the Spotify campaigns we ordered were successfully delivered. Our clients' popularity is growing gradually.


Every Second, We Present Content to 1000s of Your Potential  Followers

We have a massive and complicated network of interconnected influencers where your Spotify profile can be promoted to reach hundreds of thousands of real followers who are actually interested in your work. 



How do you drive plays to tracks/followers to Spotify accounts?

Streamfa utilize email blasts to millions of music listeners based on the artist genre, targeted digital ads/sponsored placements, and our network of affiliates and huge partner lists.

How long will it take to deliver the followers?

The delivery time may vary base on the quantity of orders and load. But your order should be ready within 3 days max.

Are plays/followers guaranteed?

Yes! Promotion campaigns will keep running until we hit the desired number of plays or followers.

Can you deliver plays to just any track?

Tracks must be more than 1 minute of length. We review each order before submission, so please no tracks of silence, noise or other funny scam business.

Are these real and can they get me blocked?

These are people who are paid or given incentives by us to follow profiles. They follow thousands of profiles every day. You might capture them if your content is good. And, these are absolutely safe for your profile.

What If I want to order in bulk?

If you want to order bulk, please contact us beforehand.


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