9 Ways to Get More Spotify Playlist Followers 

 May 6, 2019

By  milad.streamfa

How to Get More Spotify Playlist Followers?

You have made a remarkable playlist and you are truly excited about it! But you want other music lovers to listen to it, right? Luckily, there are lots of ways to get more Spotify followers playlist organically. Here is how.

  1. What is Your Listeners’ Wants and Needs?
  2. Tag Your Related Genres and Keywords on Spotify Community
  3. Contact Artists on Your playlist
  4. Post on Reddit
  5. Work Together with Other Playlist Curators
  6. Advertise it to Your Personal Network
  7. Embed Spotify Follow Button on your website
  8. Share Your Music on Social Platforms
  9. Buy Spotify Playlist Followers on Streamfa.com

9 Effective Ways to gain Spotify Playlist Followers


1.What is Your Listeners’ Wants and Needs?

In order to gain more Spotify playlist followers, you have to understand your listeners’ wants and needs. Spotify provides you this opportunity to think about your target audience entrepreneurially. Accordingly, you have to know who are they? If they like your music, what other genres do they like? All in all, after you understand your fans interest patterns, you can start to reach them.

Unsplash - Music Audience


2. Tag Your Related Genres and Keywords on Spotify Community

You can post your playlist followed by a short description of your mission, genre and your target audience on Spotify community. Besides, if you want to expand your forum post, you’d better to tag your related genres and keywords.

Spotify - Community

3. Contact Artists on Your Playlist

Artists and bands forever want to get music playlist, so reach out and ask them to share with their followers. If you don’t know them personally or don’t want to get in touch with their management, then the top way to do this is through Twitter. Connect and link playlist artwork in case they re-tweet!

Spotify - Browse and Contact Artists

4. Post on Reddit

Reddit Spotify subreddit playlists host a competition every month for the top playlist created within a theme. Alternatively, you can easily upload to this subreddit which supports to bring the power of Reddit ranking algorithm to Spotify playlist discovery. There are different contests every week to make a buzz, where users post comments and regularly check out the work of others.

Reddit - Spotify Subreddit

5. Work Together with Other Playlist Curators

Work together with famous playlist-makers such as Sound Plate and Playlists.net to promote your playlists. Make a playlist that is mutually beneficial; with the support of these platforms, it could rank greatly on Spotify searches. Send in a proposition along with your playlist idea through email or via the site. Remember to market yourself as a curator who can work efficiently and within a deadline.


6. Advertise it to Your Personal Network

In the same way, social media users increase their followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook aim to get your playlist famous amongst Spotify users. A fast way to do this is to use simple marketing tools like sponsored posts to reach out to your social media network. Your playlist could also be advertised personally. Contact your local bars, venues, cafes, independent shoes and ask them to shuffle it.

Spotify Asvertise - Playlist Hits 2019

7. Embed Spotify Follow Button on Your Website

 To gain more followers on Spotify, there are many easy ways! One of them which might be the easiest one is to add a Spotify follow button on your website. This can assist your listeners to find you and follow you on Spotify. It’s very simple to embed this button on your website. You just need to simply copying and pasting a code. This will provide your fans with more places to listen to your music. Once you use this button, you will receive credit for followers and plays which gives you the loyalties you deserve.

8. Social Share: Share Your Music on Social Platforms

 Share your single track, album or Spotify playlist on all of your social channels. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the best social media outlets to get listened. Instagram story is also very helpful. If you have thousands of followers and would like to gain more followers and listeners, you might share your music on Instagram story. Instagram recently provided sharing music option for their users. There is another way to post your music on Instagram. To post your music, just open the share menu on Spotify app menu and click “Instagram Stories”. This will open your art page on IG, where you can add stickers, captions and all other bells.

9. Buy Spotify Playlist Followers on streamfa.com

Spotify is a platform that provides a ton of potential. If you manage to put together some little successes, ensure you stay active and continue to feed people what they have verified they want. If you have no idea how to increase Spotify playlist followers, you can also buy Spotify playlist followers from Streamfa. Streamfa work to support artists promote their Spotify tracks and grow their following at a very affordable rate. We will provide you with three different packages. It is the best way to grow your fans and get relevant and new users.

Streamfa.com - Buy Spotify Playlist Followers


These are the most achievable ways that artists can promote their music on Spotify. More than 100 million users now pay for Spotify premium subscription based on Spotify report on first quarter 2019. This means you have this opportunity to acquire these users to listen to your playlist music. You’ve to stay active on Spotify community and share your playlist on social platforms. Before trying to share your playlist with Spotify users, make sure you know how to work with Spotify features. Are you still looking for a quick way to increase your Spotify playlist followers? Please check out our promotion packages to get more followers.

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