Top 6 Reasons Why Music Artists Need to be on Spotify to Promote their Music 

 August 7, 2018

By  milad.streamfa

The internet has changed a lot of things and the music industry is one of the greatest beneficiaries. Before the arrival of the internet, performing live was one of the best ways to promote your music along with CD’s, tapes and music magazines. But the advent of the internet has opened an entirely new level of marketing as music artists have a lot of options to promote their music through Social media, music blogs, streaming sites etc. But one word which has created a lot of buzz in the music industry in the last couple of years is “Spotify”. It is one of the largest music subscription services with around 70 million paid subscribers and is termed as the global music streaming leader way ahead of its next competitor in line Apple Music. It contains a loyal fan base that helps in sharing all their favorite artists and music playlists with their friends and families. Hence if you are a budding musician and want to promote your music in a big way then you need to look for ways for Spotify Promotion of your music. It’s very crucial to increase your Spotify playlist followers. Let’s look at the top 5 reasons why every artist needs to be on Spotify to promote their music.

1. Subscription Services Increase the Artists Revenue

According to Marketwatch, a financial and market news website, the streaming industry stands to gain billions of doors through their subscription services. And that is the reason you can see even biggies like Amazon and Google slowly moving towards the music streaming services. If you are complaining about receiving about low income from Spotify, then it is because of the fact that you are not exploiting Spotify to the fullest. But make sure you have a verified profile, an album with well-written songs and also to reach out to the curators of Spotify playlists with your songs. If your rights for both songwriting and publishing, you stand to gain around 70% of the revenue.

The main strategy behind Spotify is to sell music through playlists and thereby increasing the Spotify Streams numbers. Spotify is a platform that has been well thought out based on user search behavior and it mainly attracts users to its playlists through its cleverly designed themes and genres. When playlists garner the attention of a large number of users, new tracks are added to popularize them. In Spotify anyone can be curator right from music artists, brands, music companies, celebrates etc. You can increase your Spotify revenue by buying Spotify playlist followers from services like Streamfa.

2. Power of Playlists For Spotify Promotion

Spotify has around 2 million playlists and as a budding music artist if you can see your music being added to a playlist with a lot of followers, then you are really in for a roller coaster ride. Some of the most popular playlists in Spotify like the “Discover Weekly” and “New Music Friday” are extremely popular among music fans that all music listed on the playlists are guaranteed a huge hit. So it is utterly important to get your music in key playlists and gain more Spotify playlist followers you need in quick time. Getting success in music around 5-6 years ago was literally a tough job, but nowadays with these subscription services, if you understand the importance of playlists and work towards getting into one, you are definitely in for greater success. Buy Spotify playlist followers from Streamfa to increase your chances of getting more revenue from Spotify.

3. Groom New & Upcoming Artists 

Even though there is a top-tier of music artists earning millions of dollars in revenue share, there are certainly some artists that are getting a lot of attraction from Spotify subscribers without getting noticed by Spotify. Hence, a dedicated Spotify Promotion team has been formed to track these kinds of artists and cultivate and groom these artists to help them in getting to the top-tier. Spotify is also partnered with many radio stations to spot the rising musical talents and bring them over to Spotify.

4. Decreased Piracy Levels

According to a recent study conducted in Norway, the piracy rate of music has come down almost by 80% because of the rise in legal music subscription services like Spotify, Apple Music etc. In Sweden, the piracy rate is down by 25% and 20% in Australia. This helps the music artists to get more revenue than before and also encourages other budding music artists to take up music as their career.

5. Paid Subscription service makes the Average Music User spend more than normal

Digital downloads have certainly surpassed physical sales of music albums and Spotify helps in increasing the spending rate of customers to a great extent and thereby increasing the revenue share of the music artists. The US has around 190 million internet users but only 45% of them buy music across all forms. But when you subscribe to Spotify, you’ll be paying around $120 per year which is certainly higher than $55.45 spent by an average music customer buying music of any form. The ultimate aim of Spotify is to build its subscription base to large extent and help the music industry reach the pinnacle. If you need Real Spotify Promotion, then you can use the services like Streamfa to increase your chances of getting your songs on top Spotify playlists.

6. Spotify For Artists

Spotify recently launched “Spotify for Artists”, a sort of Google Analytics for Music, wherein the music artists can view all the information about the number the listeners, their location, demographic info and the playlist that is getting the most traction etc. Even though this won’t be a lot helpful for new and budding artists, it can certainly help them in understand which people are attracted to their music and what kind of music attracts people etc. The analytics dashboard can help small and big musicians to plan their music tours based on the listeners from a certain city or a country. Say if your music is a big hit in that particular city, then you can certainly start your tour from that city and gain traction in other cities based on the audience response from the show.



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