How to Get Started with Putting Your Music on Spotify and Promote Music 

 August 6, 2018

By  milad.streamfa

For the past couple of years, the music industry has been evolving in terms of content. It has also changed in terms of what platform is used to enter the market. Gone are the days when selling physical copies was the best way to have your music listened to. These days, platforms like Spotify have granted us the ability to put our music out there in a quick and convenient way.

However, it’s one thing to have your music posted online and another to have it listened to and followed. There are many steps involved to make sure the music you make can reach a wide enough audience. Let’s take a look at how you can get started with getting your music on Spotify and getting Spotify plays.

Understanding the Platform

Before you can think about putting your music on Spotify, you have to understand how Spotify promotion works. There are certain rules and guidelines to keep in mind so that you can put up your music on the site freely without fear of losing out on Spotify plays. This will help make sure that you’re well aware with the platform’s technicalities, which will help you mitigate any issues in the future. With that in mind, let’s get down to it.

The way Spotify works is actually quite simple. If you’re a signed artist with a label, all you have to do is contact them and ask them if they can put your music on Spotify.

However, for unsigned artists, it’s a little different. Spotify will typically assign you to one of its affiliated distributors like DistroKid, EmuBands, Record Union, AWAL, and TuneCore. These distributors can get your music uploaded to Spotify for you. They will also take care of any of the technicalities associated with the platform as well as collecting royalties for you.

In exchange for these services, distributors will often have some fees that you will have to pay. The exact amount will differ from label to label. Some labels can charge you per song, some might need a certain percentage of your total royalties, while others might just charge you on a monthly or yearly subscription.

DistroKid is usually the preferred choice among new artists and is a great distributor for uploading your music and getting real Spotify promotion. It typically charges on an annual basis with different packages that are usually affordable for the average user. It’s important to note that your distributor will have complete control over your songs, whether it’s about uploading them, editing info or titles, or taking them off the site.

Keeping a Social Media Presence

No doubt if you’re trying to get your music heard, you need it to reach a wide audience. This is why you need to make sure that people are aware of your music, whether they find out about it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media platform. This will make it easier for you to reach your niche, whatever it may be. It’s also a great supplement to real Spotify promotion.

Staying active on social media will not only help you promote and share your music, but it also has other additional benefits. The biggest advantage of your social media presence is that you get to directly interact with your audience. This makes it easy to get feedback from them as well as relay any useful information to them. It also opens up the possibility for networking with producers, labels, distributors, and other artists you can collaborate with. Using this method, you can almost guarantee to get a spike in your overall Spotify plays and Spotify promotion.

Promote Your Content via Paid Spotify Promotion

The great thing about Spotify is that it lets you share your music with people around the world. Anyone with an internet connection can listen to and follow your music, whether they live in your hometown or halfway across the country. This makes it easy to have a far-reaching audience. However, there’s no real way to guarantee that people will listen to your songs. This is because the barrier to entry is low, which means there are a lot of bands and artists competing with each other for the same market space.

In order for you to make any headway in the game, you need to have a decent following on your songs. Spotify plays or Spotify streams are what really matter and can influence your following. Getting these numbers to go up can be tricky and isn’t the easiest thing in the world for an artist that is just starting out.

If you’re in this kind of situation, there is always an option to buy Spotify streams and buy Spotify plays. The way it works is fairly straightforward. You buy Spotify plays and buy Spotify streams at a certain price. This price is usually based on how many plays you buy. For example, if you buy around 10,000 Spotify plays, you will be paying more than if you buy 5,000 or fewer Spotify streams.

Final Thoughts

Starting out as an artist is never an easy task and is fraught with struggles. However, all it takes for you to make it is to take that first step and upload your work. By now, you should be well aware of all the nuances and nitty-gritty involved with sharing your song on a platform like Spotify. At this point, you’re probably aware of the effect active self-promotion can have on your music.

No matter what your ambitions are as an artist. The common thread is that you want your songs to be heard. Being armed with the knowledge that you can buy Spotify Streams will help you reach greater heights as an artist.



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